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Donic blade Waldner Exclusive AR+



Product no.: 135
Manufacturer: Donic
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Approx. weight: 85 gr. Layer: 5 Elasticity: speed elastic


DONIC's "exclusive" blade series at unbeatable value
The specially selected ply combinations provide these competition blades with increased control and smooth playing characteristics. These blades are available in three speeds to suit different types of players:
ALLROUND PLUS: DONIC Waldner Exclusive AR+
This blade combines excellent control plus speed. It is faster than the Appelgren AR and perfectly combines the power of an offensive blade with the outstanding control of an all-round blade.
Suitable for attacking allrounders who like to vary their topspin in a close-to-the-table game as well as playing away from the table without loss of control.
Control 8
Speed 6+