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Andro Nigtmare ALL+



Product no.: 019
Manufacturer: ANDRO
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smaller handles
+ reduced weight
+ perfect balance
+ excellent playing characteristics
=andro Nightmare

What at first sight seems to be a simple equation, can finally be seen as a novelty on the segment of high quality table tennis blades: Based on the requests of our andro-coaches for smaller handles in straight, flaired and anatomic we developed this scary high class blade series. The “dot on the i” is the fact that we adjusted the blade size for an easy handling and the weight reduction down to ca. 75g. We recommend andro Nightmare to Kids that prefer to bother their opponents big time!

Easy handling, high control and brilliant error tolerance – new andro Nightmare ALL+ is the perfect choice concerning the first blades in a young career. The fundament for all these qualities is a thin cellulose layer arranged directly under the outer ply. By extending the sweetspot to its maximum and cushioning the power of the striking ball andro Nightmare ALL+ makes it possible to release excellent strokes. Perfect price-performance ratio!

weight approx. 75g