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SWEDEN CLASSIC from Yasaka is a blade that has has unsurpassed ball feeling and superb control which gives a perfect blade for players that can mix technical attack near the table and top spin play short distance from the table. 5 wooden veneers. Lacquered. Speed 13 Control 18 Sweet-spot Medium Speed: 20 = maximum speed Control: 20 = maximum control Sweet spot = hitting area with maximum control
our price 29.95 EU (41.93 USD)

Speed 14 Control 18 Sweet-spot Medium Speed: 20 = maximum speed Control: 20 = maximum controlSweet spot = hitting area with maximum control   Yasaka ALLROUND PLUS is a 5-ply blade aimed for allround players that want more Power. The blade is produced in the famous blade factory in Tranås, Sweden. Two hard veneers with a light middle veneer is the base for the additional speed. Outer veneers in a
our price 30.95 EU (43.33 USD)

The Yasaka SWEEPER blade is designed especially for the demanding defensive player who is searching for optimum soft ball control and exceptional feeling. The blade has a combination of two layers of soft veneer which provide a base for good control characteristics, together with the middle veneer which is of classical allround type, gives the blade enough power for winning counter attacks. After
our price 31.95 EU (44.73 USD)

The 3D construction gives more flexibility in the blade, helps to make the bat giving a “catapult power” when hitting the ball. Since several years Yasaka EXTRA 3D is a “big seller” in many countries. 5 wooden veneers.
our price 32.95 EU (46.13 USD)

our price 37.95 EU (53.13 USD)

our price 38.00 EU (53.20 USD)

Technicians at Yasaka have constructed the powerful ADVANCE blade by integrating synthetic fibres within the plywood blade. This unique innovation of two directional synthetic fibre glued into veneers using Yasaka’s own temperature and fixing methods, will provide offensive players with a new dimension to their attacking play. The 3D Technology guarantees that ADVANCE will be more flexible giving
our price 38.95 EU (54.53 USD)

BALSA PLUS is a table tennis blade produced in the famous table tennis factory in Tranås, Sweden. Many players appreciate blades that include the material balsa, not only for the low weight, but also for that special feel in ball touch. However, some players find traditional balsa blades too slow. In BALSA + Yasaka blade factory has combined the best quality balsa with Scandinavian Pine to get a
our price 40.95 EU (57.33 USD)

SILVER ALL WOOD is a high tech allround table tennis blade produced in the famous table tennis factory in Tranås, Sweden. The outer veneer of ALL WOOD is very hard thanks to a special process with employing high pressure. The hard outer veneers increase the size of the sweet spot (hitting area with maximum control). The middle veneer (the core) is a carefully selected medium density wood, slightly
our price 42.95 EU (60.13 USD)

our price 42.95 EU (60.13 USD)

MAX CARON 3D from Yasaka has 7 wooden veneers and two carbon layers in combination with the Yasaka 3D technique which  results in a powerful blade with a large sweet spot. Nowadays many players are looking for a faster blade, especially with the new glue regulation. This is a superfast blade Speed 20 Control 13 Sweet-spot SuperLarge
our price 47.95 EU (67.13 USD)

Ma Lin SOFT CARBON has the same outer veneer as the famous EXTRA blade. Its medium soft characteristics is appreciated by players who want increased ball feel. Two very thin carbon fibre layers are used to improve the speed and enlarge the sweet-spot. Together with the thicker wooden mid-dle veneer it gives good power. Speed 18 Control 15+ Sweet-spot XLarge Speed: 20 = maximum speed Control: 20 =
our price 47.95 EU (67.13 USD)

our price 48.95 EU (68.53 USD)

In the last few years, Yasakas EXTRA OFFENSIVE has been a big success, appreciated by players all over the world. With experience from the famous EXTRA OFFENSIVE blade Yasaka has developed a new blade, aimed for players looking for a superior offensive weapon. The very hard outer veneer is combined with a medium hard second veneer and a thin and very light layer of carbon. The middle veneer is
our price 49.95 EU (69.93 USD)

Yasaka SILVER CARBON is a high tech fast attacking table tennis blade produced in the famous table tennis factory in Tranås, Sweden. SILVER CARBON has 2 thin carbon layers. The hard outer veneers in combination with the carbon layers make the size of the sweet spot (hitting area with maximum control) very large. With the SILVER CARBON technical players have a weapon useful for both own attacking
our price 55.95 EU (78.33 USD)