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XIOM - rubber Sigma II PRO



Product no.: 195
Manufacturer: XIOM
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Sigma II Pro – Table Tennis Rubber creates the needed energy and catapult for the advanced tournament circuit player. The next generation of Sigma is here!

Sigma II Pro delivers the real results for the advanced players looking to generate more speed and spin. Tour professional version of Internal Mechanic Boost (IMB) helps to control the magnitude of spin energy. Developed for professionals Sigma II Pro is designed to enhance close to the table attack play. Reshape your game. Buy Sigma II today.

Rubber Ratings:

Speed 96/100 Spin 94/100 Control 68/100 Throw Angle 45.5/100 Sponge Hardness 62/100 Durability 95/100

Sigma II Pro with slightly harder sponge than its twin brother - Sigma II Euro. This equates to a slightly lower throw angle on topspin drives.